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new york fashion week 2019 dates and tickets

new york fashion week 2019 dates and tickets

Fashion Week 2019 dates and tickets

Only Paris has released official dates for 2019. Fortunately, it's not difficult to predict the dates for New York, London, and Milan, as the dates tend to "stack," with Paris last.

The intention, of course, is for them to not overlap, so editors can hurry from one fashion capital to the next and make the "important" shows.

So you might think of the dates as Legos: probably houndstooth-patterned ones. Hey, that would be pretty cool idea, wouldn't it? "Fashion Legos!" Someone tell the descendents of Ole Kirk Christiansen! (He invited the Lego. See, we do our homework around here!)

Ultimate Girl's Trip New York Fashion Week 2019 fashion getaway will take place on February 9th - 11th in Manhattan Time Square, New York.
Enjoy 3-days and 2-nights in a luxury hotel in the heart of New York City and attend Fashion week events.

Do you want the ultimate girls trip? Then this is for you! The fashionably chic-girls trip is for women who love cutting-edge fashion and will travel to the mecca of fashion around the world to get it! For women who have dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week, Paris, La, and Milan.

A fully planned itinerary will be provided upon initial payment, with various industry after-party options, but incurs an additional cost. There are two excursions included in your package. They can be scheduled prior to departure.

$1900 Paid in Full, or 8 payments of $265


Bus fare from Washington Dc to New York and back.
3days and 2-Nights in Luxury Hotel
Dinner on the rooftop overlooking downtown Manhattan. Open and enclosed rooftop option.
2 New York Fashion Week Shows with opportunities to meet celebrities.
New York Fashion Week Photoshoot, Bus and boat tours with a view of the statue of liberty.
Shop New York Fashion districts

Payment Plan: Payment schedule is as indicated

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will reserve your spot

2nd payment due on June 15th

3rd payment due on July 15th

4th payment due on August 15th

5th payment due on September 15th

Final payment due on October 15th


Displayed cost does not include flight, meals and payments are non-refundable.

The itinerary will be emailed or placed in a private group within 2 months after you register

space is limited to 8 women.

Should you have any questions please contact Violesia 443.637.2779

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