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Transparent Fashion Week style: Paris Hilton shows breasts!

Transparent Fashion Week style: Paris Hilton shows breasts!

What did her future husband say about this outfit? Earlier this year, Paris Hilton (37) announced her engagement with actor and model Chris Zylka (33). Their days as a wild party star seemed to be counted. At the New York Fashion Week 2019, however, the hotel heir now appeared in an outfit that reminds of her former self!

A few days ago, Paris was invited to the fashion show designed by designer Jeremy Scott - and when she drove up there, some photographers would certainly have kept their mouths open.

The blonde appeared in a rather tight and fairly transparent two-piece suit that gave a clear view of her breasts. Only her nipples had taped the entrepreneur with black tape. But there was also a lot going on down below: gigantic cut-outs directed the eye not only to Paris' well-toned stomach, but also to her crunchy buttocks!

Even if you can argue about taste, you have to leave the style icon one thing: it can carry everything! Only a glimpse seemed a bit unintentional. Her rather loosely fitting pants left no doubt that the blonde had simply renounced a panties during her performance.

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